ON/OFF Rotary Solenoids type G DP R 012


With an outer diameter of 12 mm, type G DP R 012 is the smallest rotary solenoid in our production range.

The mode of operation of type G DP R bases on electrodynamic principles. Like all MSM rotary solenoids, this device does not perform an axial movement during rotation.


Size (Ø): 12 mm
Rotation angle: 45°
Torque: 0.5 Nmm – 1.58 Nmm

  • Reversal of the direction of rotation by reversing the polarity of the supply voltage 
  • With and without self-aligning torque 
  • Electrical connection via free flexible lead ends
  • Fastening via flange and tapped holes 
  • Damped end stops
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Voltage type: direct current, DC