End of 107th fiscal year

Company information at the end of the fiscal year

Construction of building 15 in Memmingerberg in progress

At the end of the 10th fiscal year on 30th June 2019, MSM, specialists for electromagnetic actuators and sensors, reports a consolidated Group turnover of 435 Million Euro, i. e. 5 % less than last year – mainly due to trade conflicts and other political uncertainties. In Memmingen, approximately 2000 people are employed, 170 trainees and dual systems students thereof. Currently, six more MSM group companies in Germany, USA, Switzerland, China, England and Italy employ 2650 people.

Our strong team of engineers drives forward our products’ and processes’ innovation. Ambitious applications in the automotive, hydraulics, pneumatics industries and medical technology, for example, support the development.

We receive accolades from customers, confirming the efficiency of our work. Recently, we received the Award 2018 for „Outstanding Quality“ by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

The fourth building in Memmingerberg will be completed by the end of this year. Moving in will happen gradually. It offers space for further growth as of 2020 and for the optimization of today’s real estate usage.

Engineers and qualified personnel will be employed depending on requirements. Several employees and students are currently making use of the opportunity to work in a foreign MSM Group plant. More than 1000 employees have already been able to celebrate a staff membership of 25, 40 or 50 years. This unusual loyalty demonstrates a sustainably good work environment and supports the accumulation of expertise across generations.