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Chinese Delegation Invited to Magnet-Schultz

During their visit of the technical school Memmingen,  a 28 member delegation of head teachers of Chinese vocational schools were invited to Magnet-Schultz on Wednesday, 29.11.2017.  The group travelled to Germany following an invitation of the Hanns-Seidel foundation. The target is to promote the relations between Germany and China in the vocational education sector. Also a close cooperation with vocational schools and companies is the focus with the goal to transfer the dual system in vocational training to the „Middle Kingdom”. This shall also contain the training of Chinese teachers by German Experts in the education sector..

In order to get a picture of the company-based training, the delegation visited company MSM in the afternoon. After a company presentation by managing director Mr. Kienle, the group visited the training workshop and got an insight into the process of industrial training at Magnet-Schultz as well as general information about the dual vocational training. Then during a tour of the production also complex production facilities were inspected. Here, the requirements were clarified for which the future skilled workers are prepared by the sound training. The group showed great interest in the operating training contents and was visibly impressed.