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Great Opportunities with Apprenticeship

Member of the Bundestag Stephan Stracke catches up on the changed requirements in the world of work at Magnet-Schultz

Memmingerberg. During a visit at the Memmingerberg location, Dr. Albert W. Schultz allowed the Allgaeu member of the Bundestag Stephan Stracke (CSU) a look behind the scenes of Magnet-Schultz GmbH & Co. KG. In the subsequent dialogue the primary aim was to which extend the continuous automation and rationalisation will change the requirements for the employees and which settings must been equally made by entrepreneurs and politics.  

The family-run group of companies Magnet-Schultz Memmingen (MSM) provides secure jobs to about 2,000 people only at both sides of Memmingen and Memmingerberg. To maintain this, the ongoing increase of automation call a change of thinking of employees, entrepreneurs and politicians, reported Dr. Schultz upon request of Stracke. Since more semi-skilled employees than skilled workers were employed at MSM some years ago, the number of skilled workers predominates with about 33 % and the jobs for semi-skilled employees has decreased to 28 %. This trend is expected to continue by the further automation.

The professional education will become more and more important particularly if it can take place in parallel to work. Because somebody who already started his working life and has its own family could hardly afford to give up work in favour to an education. For this reason Dr. Schultz wants more technical and master schools which can be attended in the evening or at the weekend. Especially in the sector of mechatronics this opportunity was missing completely in this region. This met with great interest of Mr. Stracke. The member of the Bundestag assured spontaneously his support and promised to coordinate this matter with the local member of the Landtag Klaus Holetschek and with the mayor of Memmingen Manfred Schilder. „In my eyes, the site Memmingen is predestined for the training as mechatronics technician in parallel to work“, emphasised Stracke.

Dr. Schultz made a clear appeal to all families: „Consider which school career can be mastered by your child. There are also other options than a regular study!“ Particularly the craftmanship and Mittelstand (medium-sized companies) offer - also after having completed an apprenticeship - great opportunities even up to the board of management. MSM’s ideals are performance, great commitment in the sense of the company and the willingness for lifelong learning. In order to inform parents about the career opportunities with apprenticeship, MSM maintains sever school partnerships in the meantime.

Dr. Schultz did not miss the opportunity to mention once more the growing disadvantages of location caused by the change in energy policy in regards of supply quality and costs particularly in Swabia.  In times of economic boom the investment activity of the (strong) industry on site decreases, in the next crises at the latest this politics will cost jobs.