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International Sales Conference at Magnet-Schultz

Sales organizations of 3 continents meet at Hotel Allgäu Ressort in Bad Grönenbach

Bad Grönenbach, 22nd May 2019. In order to enable the exchange between the sales companies, to explain strategic aims, to give insight into the progress of development and manufacturing possibilities and, last but not least, to introduce new application examples as driving force, MSM organized an International Sales Conference. Instead of locating the event at the MSM headquarters in Memmingen, Hotel Allgäu Ressort in nearby Bad Grönenbach was chosen this time. This setting offered multiple possibilities to cultivate contacts and conveyed the international participants the best impression of the living environment Allgäu.

The event was opened and moderated by the Managing Director and CEO Dr.-Ing. A. W. Schultz. He expressed great satisfaction with the course of the past fiscal year. The current political turmoil and the subsequent economic uncertainties led to a slow-down at MSM as well. The areas in question compensated by reducing work hours in order to protect skilled employees.

On the occasion of the upcoming European elections, Dr. Schultz reminded those in attendance of the voting right, wished Europe a good outcome of the elections, and highlighted the MSM group as a long-term reliable example for international cooperation with “family” character.

Wolfgang Selbitschka, Managing Director of Sales, commented on the current sales development as well as the market environment since the 2017 Conference, presented application areas and future potentials compiled during the 2018 strategy workshop and appealed for the acquisition of MSM top products.

Mutually inspired, the participants presented their application-oriented success stories.

Within the framework of a visit to new factory installations, such as state-of-the-art electro-plating automats and the new apprentice workshops at the Memmingen headquarters, a detour to building 15 (currently under construction) in Memmingerberg was conducted. All participants were impressed by both MSM’s innovative and investment power.

On the second day, as is tradition, technology was in the focus. Managers and Group Managers of the Construction Departments introduced new devices, developments and technologies. In addition to the broad standard product range, platform strategies for better synergies as well as fascinating new projects in medical technology, for example, or for the new forms of mobility were illustrated.

Dr. Schultz ended the Conference with thanks to all lecturers and the organization team.