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Cooperation with the University of Technology in Ulm (THU)


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In March, MSM joined the „Competence Centre Hydraulics“ as foundation company, having a seat in the Advisory Council represented by Sven Kreutzkamp (Plant Manager) and Dr. Peter Tappe (Manager of R&D 1) since then. By its membership, MSM intends to contribute to the interaction with other manufacturers of hydraulic components in the region on the one hand and to promote „presence“ for qualified young engineers on the other.

The Centre was founded by several companies, the University and the Chamber of Commerce of Ulm as early as 2012, with the aim to increase its own innovative power and to secure competitiveness, as well as to generate qualified junior staff with sound skills in hydraulics.

Establishing the Competence Centre was the starting point for focusing on Hydraulics Studies at the University of Ulm. The courses held there not only aim at students of the THU, but also outside interested persons may complete a hydraulic training consisting of 5 modules overall. Depending on the modules completed, additional qualifications such as “Certified Specialist Hydraulics”, “Certified Engineer Hydraulics” or “Certificate of Studies Hydraulics” may be acquired – qualifications that are significant for MSM in order to maintain its productivity in the long run. Therefore, we gladly encourage our employees who are interested in further training.

For further information on „Competence Centre Hydraulics“ please see THU’s website.

In addition to its membership in the Competence Centre, MSM has expanded its cooperation with THU. Since the summer semester 2018, Ralph Wassermann, acting Manager of the R&D group Hydraulics/Valve Technology, holds lectures on the topic “Solenoids” at the THU, during which students also receive, among other things, insight in the complexity of our products and the considerable innovative power of MSM.