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Wolfgang E. Schultz - Managing Director of Magnet-Schultz Memmingen (MSM) for 50 years

Photo: A. Zwibel, MSM

On 14th July 1969, the Managing Director of the 2nd generation,  Eduard W. Schultz passed away unexpectedly. His son Wolfgang E. Schultz (born in 1945), had just received his diploma as Electronic Engineer from the ETH Zurich in December 1968, had just married and had taken business administration studies as extended studies. Effective 1st September 1969, the meeting of shareholders appointed him Managing Director of the 3rd generation.

On his 50th anniversary, Managers, Works Council, family and the MSM brass band surprised him with a small celebration. His son, Dr. –Ing. Albert W. Schultz, CEO of the MSM group since 2015, summarized the developments of those times with extensive gratitude and respect. W. E. Schultz responded with an improvised, good-humored retrospective – without saying farewell.

Both emphasized the mutuality of performance due to qualified, motivated and long well-practiced management and workforce.

The current status is honored in relevant circles globally.

MSM permanently emerged as the high-tech company for ambitious applications from “the deep sea to outer space”. The production range is aligned for both small quantities (dependent on the application, e.g. aerospace) and annual quantities of 30 million (e.g. automotive) with utmost reliability.

Compared to 1969, turnover increased by a factor of 30 to 450 million €, personnel from 600 to 2600 and in addition to the Memmingen site, six more sites were opened in Europe, US and China.

The present turmoil of world politics and economy also affects MSM. However, it is presumed that the economic situation will pick up again and, moreover, that many new projects will support  continuously good development.

W. E. Schultz has been working as honorary member of several associations , seven awards confirm great respect.