Proportional solenoids type G RC Y


The actuators for proportional valves type G RC Y shown in the data sheet use exemplary versions to illustrate the construction method and exemplary technical data for customary sizes as applied on valves with size NG4, NG6 and NG10.

The solenoid body is fixed with a fastening nut on the tube and can be removed or replaced without opening the hydraulic circuit.


Sizes (Ø): 37 mm, 45 mm, 63 mm
Armature space pressure tight for dynamic working pressure 
Nominal working pressure: 210 bar up to 250 bar
Overall stroke: 4 mm - 8 mm
Working stroke: 2 mm – 4 mm
Rated magnetic force: 47 N – 112 N

  • Considerable proportionality between force and current
  • Small hysteresis through precise bearing of the armature
  • Horizontal magnetic force vs. stroke characteristic within control range  
  • Push type
  • Manual override
  • Electrical  connection via plug connector according to EN 175301-803
  • Fastening via central thread 
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Voltage type: direct current, DC
  • Options: pull type, decreasing magnetic force vs. stroke characteristic, further electrical connections, alternative connection geometries, installed compensation or return spring, adjustment of the spring via set screw, working pressures up to 500 bar, explosion-proof designs to ATEX/IECEx, versions with transducer see type G RC … A62

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