Proportional Solenoids with Transducer type G RC Y ... A62


The proportional solenoids type G RC Y can be factory-provided with a transducer. The sensor is equipped with a pressure-tight tube with the same pressure-tightness as the valve solenoid.

The sensor is fixed with an intermediate nut and laterial threaded pins on the solenoid and can be removed for assembly or replacement of the coil.


Sizes (Ø): 37 mm, 45 mm, 63 mm
Technical data proportional solenoid see type G RC Y

Technical data sensor see part list Inductive transducers
Measuring path: ±2 mm , ±3 mm , ±4 mm
Sensor principle transducer: LVDT
Supply voltage: 24 V
Sensitivity: 2 V/mm – 1 V/mm,  4 V/mm – 2 V/mm
Output voltage: 10 V … 2 V
Output current: 20 mA … 4 mA
Frequency limit: 500 Hz
Electrical connection via circular connector M12x1, 4-pole
Protection class: IP65



  • Considerable proportionality between force and current
  • Small hysteresis through precise bearing of the armature
  • Horizontal magnetic force vs. stroke characteristic within the control range 
  • Push type
  • Manual override
  • Electrical connection via plug connector according to EN 175301-803
  • Fastening via central thread 
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Voltage type: direct current, DC

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