Proportional Solenoids with Transducer type G RF … B61, B62


The proportional solenoids type G RF can be factory-provided with a transducer. The sensor is screwed to the solenoids to form a mechanically robust unit. The different versions B61 and B62 stand for different frequency limits.  


Sizes (square): 35 mm, 45 mm, 60 mm
Technical data proportional solenoid see type G RF Y

Technical data sensor
Measuring path: ±4 mm
Sensor principle transducer: LVDT
Supply voltage: 24 V
Sensitivity: 0.5 V/mm
Output voltage: 5.5 V … 9.5 V
Frequency limit: 20 Hz, 500 Hz

  • Electrical connection via circular connector M12x1, 4-pole
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Voltage type: direct current, DC

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