Purge / Drain valve Type E-G 028-446 G PC


Within the fuel cell, water emerges as a result of a hydrogen/oxygen reaction; it is drained off by a drain valve.

The oxygen necessary for the electrochemical reaction is delivered by air, so within the fuel cell, nitrogen is accumulated.

Another application of the valve is the control of the cooling agent cycle.

In order to circumvent corrosion by aggressive media such as deionised water, medium-isolated valves are used.




Size: 28 mm 
Function: 2/2 NC, medium-isolated

Media: water H2O, cooling agent,  hydrogen H2, air, neutral gas

  • input pressure: up to 8 bar
  • output pressure: 0.9 bis 1.1 bar
  • nominal width: 1.2 mm und 1.9 mm
  • type of voltage: DC, PWM
  • protection class: IP67
  • options:
    • components with valves and sensors (water separator)
    • various electrival plug connections

This device is a basic device for customer-specific developments and versions.

Sample taking and variants upon request.