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Quality since 1912 ensures high technology for the 21st century – we intend to be professional and long-time partners for our customers with experience, know-how, innovative force and development competence. MSM was founded in 1912 and became a sustainable works of generations. The entrepreneurs Schultz see themselves as trustees of their generation (Eduard W. Schultz). We can only maintain our social responsibility if we remain competitive (Wolfgang E. Schultz).  

It is our aim to grow continuously, with leading technology in a sustainable, independent and diversified way.

Dr. Albert W. Schultz



As an owner-managed family business in the 4th generation, we sustainably focus on high competence, professionalism and ethics. Our code ("Corporate Governance") and our executive rules are the basis for our shareholders and managers to assume their responsibility towards the company, our customers, our employees, our suppliers and society as trustees of their generation. A professional family company with the advantages of quick decision making and long-term planning and expertise for more than 100 years is able to stress its position on global markets.


Dr. Albert W. Schultz - Geschäftsführer

Albert W. Schultz Dr.-Ing. MBA IMD

[Translate to English:] Sven Kreutzkamp

Sven Kreutzkamp Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.


Family business with tradition

Dive into more than 100 years of Magnet-Schultz ...


Our philosophy and our management commitment are also reflected in our EUmérite donated in 2009.
It recognizes personalities who live the
triad of the values EthicsEurope and Social market economy.


Facts and Figures

    • Sales 440.000.000 €
    • 5% development performance
    • 8% investment budget
    • 25% direct exports
    • Family company in fourth generation
    • 2600 employees
    • 10% abroad
    • 9% apprentices in Memmingen
    • Production > 50% skilled workers
    • Continuous education
    • Working time adjusted to requirements
    • More than 1000 employees with seniority of 25+ years
    • Minimal fluctuation accumulates know-how

Updated 03/2022

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