Sustainability at Magnet-Schultz

An integral part of our corporate culture 

Since our foundation in 1912 by Adolf-Wilhelm Schultz, sustainability has been a core value in our corporate culture.

We have been living this core value for four generations, as documented by the forward-looking measures taken by the managing owners.

"Quality since 1912" ensures state-of-the-art technology for the 21st century

Our talent

At Magnet-Schultz, we have been living the concept of quality comprehensively for over 110 years. 

For us, quality stands for sustainable value. In combination with our innovative strength, this is the DNA of our customised high-tech solutions for products and for investments in production capacities and facilities. 

"Maximising customer benefits through the best application orientation of material and energy"

Adolf W. Schultz, Managing Director from 1912 to 1943 - founder of Magnet-Schultz, was born in Grunewald in 1876. As son of Uckermark farmers, he was always keen to act sustainable and resource-conserving.  


"Trustee of my generation"

Eduard W. Schultz, Managing Director from 1943 to 1969 - achieved lasting success through voluntary social commitments, including the introduction of a company pension plan and the construction of 50 company flats. As early as 1960, he initiated a resource efficiency analysis combined with high demands on product service life.  

"We can only remain social if we remain competitive"

Wolfgang E. Schultz, Managing Director from 1969 to 2020 - established a code with executive rules in 1993. 5 years later, he implemented a quality manual and carried out a self-audit in accordance with ISO 14000. In 2009, he founded the endowed EUmérite prize in recognition of deserving personalities for Europe in the triad of ethics and the social market economy.  


"We want to continue to grow sustainably, independently and diversified with state-of-the-art technology!" 

Dr Albert W. Schultz, CEO since 2010 - anchored sustainability in the corporate strategy in 2015. Magnet-Schultz is open to technology in the transformation of mobility and actively supports customers in the development of sustainable mobility solutions.


"Make your customers successful!"

Our mission

We put all our innovative strength into supporting our customers in the development of innovative solutions for electromagnetic applications. In doing so, we attach great importance to living, holistic sustainability across the entire product life cycle.


"Sustainable, independent growth with state-of-the-art technology for highly diversified industrial customers"

Our goal

Sustainability is a process that is accompanying us through the transformation from the oil age to an age of sustainable energy. 
We set ourselves ambitious goals in a wide range of areas and exceed legal requirements wherever we see a need and an opportunity. In achieving these goals, we as a company attach great importance to acting sustainably, with integrity and independently in order to be a reliable and strong partner for both our customers and our employees in the future.

We are convinced that ideologically driven prohibitions are equally harmful for the economy and the environment. Only the combination of economic and ecological sustainability is enduring, and the market is much more effective at regulating this than political guidelines.

Sustainability facts & figures

    • We currently spend around 60% of our development work on sustainable mobility
    • Since 2024, we have been obtaining our electrical energy from climate-neutral sources
    • Our solar system on the hall roofs currently produces 100,000 kWh/year and reduces our CO2 emissions by 28.5 tonnes  
    • For the Memmingerberg site, we will purchase 5.2 GWh/year of solar power directly from a solar field close to the site from 2025, thus reducing CO2 emissions by 1.430 tonnes compared to conventional energy purchases
    • For the Memmingen site, we obtain 3.3 GWh/year of solar power from a PV field in the Allgäu region, replacing 908 tonnes of CO2 consumption
    • Our site in Memmingerberg is connected to a local heating network that is already mostly powered by CO2-neutral energy sources
    • 9% of our employees are trainees and students
    • 100% of our new developments are tested for effective use of the material resources
    • In 2022, we donated € 100,000 to education, healthcare, social institutions, culture and sports clubs


updated 03/24

The building blocks of sustainability

We live sustainability holistically





We protect the environment

Magnet-Schultz is aware of its responsibility for the environment. Environmental protection has always been an integral part of our corporate philosophy and is defined as an important management task in our corporate policy.  

MSM strives to continuously improve operational environmental protection and energy efficiency in products and processes above and beyond the legal requirements.  


Energy audit

Since 2015, Magnet-Schultz has been carrying out regular energy audits in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1. In these audits, we identify, measure and prioritise potential savings. These measures are implemented with the aim of reducing our CO2 emissions.  

CO2 footprint

Based on the reference year 2021, we calculate our CO2 emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 1+2 and aim to achieve climate neutrality by 2035. We are planning a reduction of around 40% by 2025, with specific measures already implemented or in the planning stage.  



Valuable raw materials 

We recognise the limited nature of resources and regard materials as valuable goods. During the product development process, we evaluate the most efficient utilisation and use of required raw materials for each component. We even see supposed waste as valuable resources and return it to the raw material cycle.

Hazardous substances and material compliance

In Germany, the handling of hazardous substances is subject to exemplary legal regulation from the product manufacture to the worldwide disposal. We take this regulation seriously, master the challenges and fulfil the extensive requirements by maintaining comprehensive databases, among other things. 



We take care

The managers and shareholders of Magnet-Schultz see themselves as "trustees of our generation". This means that social sustainability, resulting from a sense of responsibility for the well-being of all stakeholders, has been intrinsically anchored in Magnet-Schultz's understanding of leadership for generations.

The success of our company depends to a large extent on the well-being of our successful magnets - and we are highly committed to ensuring this.

Together we create added value

Our employees are success magnets and therefore our central resource that creates added value and for whom we are happy to offer added value through a wide range of benefits.


We are committed to social values

To honour these values on a larger scale, we established the Eumérite prize in 2009.


We are grateful

We are pleased to set visible signs of this, such as the donation of the water fountain on the market square or the renovation of the octagon on the Martinsturm.


Corporate management

We take responsibility 

We are committed to a high level of expertise, professionalism and ethics. Our Code of Conduct and our Executive Rules set out the responsibility of our shareholders and managers towards our stakeholders as trustees of their generation.  

We communicate our MSM corporate values and oblige employees and suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Our products

We focus on quality

Since 1912, the holistic quality of our products has been an integral part of our corporate culture. Right from the development process, we focus on meaningful and targeted products that offer the highest quality and benefits for customers and their applications. We are convinced that electromagnetic solutions will continue to make a decisive contribution to the development of sustainable technologies in the future. 


Hydrogen valves for the new mobility

Hydrogen will be one of the fuels for the mobility of tomorrow. We develop innovative hydrogen valves for mobile (e.g. trucks, cars, forklifts, trains, aircraft) and stationary applications (e.g. refuelling, generation).

Actuators for the new mobility

Range is a decisive factor for electric vehicles and acts as an indicator of efficiency. It is therefore important to rethink the established system components for electromobility. We support our customers in this transformation process with innovative solutions.



Efficient use of resources

We analyse the efficient use of materials and resources as early as the product development stage.

Efficient products

We use state-of-the-art FEM simulation tools to develop efficient products. Innovative solutions are created by analysing magnetic and electrical circuits as well as fluid technical and mechanical optimisation.




Cooperation with recognised partners  

The intrinsic motivation for sustainable action is difficult to measure. We therefore cooperate with recognised partners such as Ecovadis, Integrity Next and NQC in order to demonstrably shape our path to a more sustainable future.