Valves for hydrogen storage and fuel cell systems

Gas-powered fuel cell systems need valves with considerably differentiated requirements in order to store and provide fuel with fuel gas such as hydrogen (H2) or natural gas (CNG) and in order to manage the compound wastes water (H2O) and nitrogen (N2)



Based on a flexible modular system, we develop and supply control and switch valves for customer-specific requirements in mobile and stationary applications.
In our development, we aim at the following aspects regarding our valves, dependant on their application areas:

  • high pressures
  • low leakage 
  • extensive service life
  • high flows with little need for space
  • temperature and vibration requirements
  • protection classes up to IP6K9K
  • fail-safe functions
  • suitability of material in case of contact with high-pressure hydrogen
  • testing according to EC79