In hydraulics at the interface between electrical control and power media, the solenoid as actuator of the solenoid valve plays a central role for the function of diverse machines and tools. According to the function, a distinction is made between the switching valve as digital control element and a proportional valve as analogue or constant actuator.


The different ambient conditions require a differentiation between mobile and stationary hydraulics. A sensor to review the position of the valve piston or solenoid armature opens up the possibility to operate the solenoid valve in a control loop. For the final application, this means sensitive or constant control of forces and speeds and accelerations.  We have accompanied the market from the beginning and contribute to the sector’s success with important and today widespread basic developments in the sector of electromagnetic actuator technology.

An efficient modular system for valve solenoids and pre-pilot valves provides a solid basis for your application-specific solution. 

[Translate to English:] GS- Hydraulikmagnete G AA Y

DC hydraulic solenoids G AA Y

Hydraulic control blocks for underwater applications

[Translate to English:] Proportional- Druckminderventil 32mm für mobile Anwedungen

Proportional pressure reducing valve 32mm

Mobile applications

Hydraulic solenoid in twin design G RF Y 030

Hydraulic solenoid in twin design G RF Y 030

Hydraulic valves in mobile and stationary applications

Ventilmagnet ziehend mit Ventilnadel

Valve solenoid pull type with valve needle

Seat valve for mobile and stationary applications

Bidirektionaler Proportionalmagnet

Bidirectional proportional solenoid

Actuation of proportional and servo valves

Ventilmagnet mit Medientrennung

Valve solenoid with media separation 

Valves for media with increased pollution input

[Translate to English:] LVDT in druckdichter Ausführung als Positionskontrolle für Ventilkolben

Position control inductive

Sensor (LVDT) in pressure-tight version as position control for valve piston

[Translate to English:] Hallsensor als Positionskontrolle für Ventilkolben

Hall sensor

Position control for valve piston

Valve solenoid

Valve solenoid for pilot valves VR / VH 030

Valve solenoid for proportional- or ON/OFF valves in mobile hydraulics


Standard Products

As specialists for electromagnetic and actuator and sensor technology, we offer, besides our customer specific special developments, a broad portfolio of standard products for various applications.

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In order to secure this level of innovative force and development competence in the long term, we pursue basic development, use simulation and calculation tools as well as mechatronic control technology. We think ahead, thus we invest in research & development as well as in education of our engineers and skilled workers.

[Translate to English:] Forschung und Innovation [Translate to English:] Forschung und Innovation

Individual Development

Together with our customers, we develop individual electromagnetic high-tech solutions according to your requirements. With our experience, our development skills and our technical possibilities, we support you as long-term partner with high innovative strength.



Solenoids place high demands to precision and specially adapted production procedures and processes. Thus, know-how in production is one of our core competencies and requires a large vertical range of manufacture. Our ultra-modern equipment guarantees flexibility and competitiveness.



The highest award for us is the satisfaction and the success of our customer. Supplier Awards emphasise the effectiveness of our efforts and motivate us to continue performing at the highest level.

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Even prior to the application of QA systems, »MSM quality« was well known. The goal of our quality management is to continuously improve the quality of our processes, products and services and to secure them by effective control circuits and modern quality management methods. In regular audits, we compare our quality standards with the relevant national and international standards as well as with customer requirements. Our certificates can be viewed by clicking the buttons below.



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