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  • From 2025: Green electricity for Magnet-Schultz directly from the airfield Company leases 5MWp section of e-con's photovoltaic park at the Allgäu Airport

From 2025: Green electricity for Magnet-Schultz directly from the airfield Company leases 5MWp section of e-con's photovoltaic park at the Allgäu Airport

Contract signing with e-con at Magnet-Schultzf.l.t.r: Johann Erbe, Andreas Müller, Dr.-Ing. Albert W. Schultz, Julian Schempp

Company leases a 5MWp section of the e-con photovoltaic park at the Allgäu Airport

(Memmingen/Memmingerberg). New milestone for Magnet-Schultz GmbH & Co. KG (MSM), with its headquarters in Memmingen, on its way to climate neutrality: from the second half of 2025, the company, which has 2,600 employees worldwide, will use renewable electricity from e-con AG's photovoltaic park at the Allgäu Airport to power its production site in Memmingerberg. To realise this, MSM is leasing a 5 MWp sub-park from e-con's 25 MWp park, which will be built on a 20-hectare area south of the runway by 2025. A corresponding leasing agreement has now been signed by MSM Managing Director Dr Albert Schultz and Andreas Müller, Managing Director of the Alois Müller Group.

"This is an important step for us in terms of sustainability; after all, we want to be CO2-neutral at the Allgäu sites by 2035," said Schultz at the signing of the agreement. The Group believes it is on the right track here and has already achieved important milestones in the past. The company's main site in Memmingen will also be using CO2-neutral photovoltaic electricity from spring 2025 via a corresponding supply from Vereinigte Wertach Elektrizitätswerke and the heat supply for the production in Memmingerberg will be provided sustainably via a connection to the e-con district heating network. The leasing share in the e-con photovoltaic park will enable MSM to utilise 5.2 GWh of renewable electricity per year in Memmingerberg in the future. "According to current analyses, this covers a significant proportion of the total electricity demand in Memmingerberg," says Schultz. However, he also points out that the German energy transition has not yet solved the issue of a weather-independent basic supply and is therefore faced with the unpleasant choice between growing dependence on foreign countries or continuing to use climate-damaging coal for a long time. „The German industry needs an affordable and stable power supply around the clock and in all weathers. Hydrogen-fuelled gas power plants may be a good long-term solution, but a huge financial, infrastructural and logistical effort is still required to get there.  The premature shutdown of nuclear power plants as a sensible bridging technology has grossly negligently robbed us of important room for manoeuvre and put us in the aforementioned dilemma between dependency and climate damage. Ideologically driven restrictions damage the economy and the environment in equal measure. Only the combination of economic and ecological sustainability is sustainable in the long term and the market is much more effective at regulating this than political guidelines."

Significant CO2 savings per year

Electricity is supplied directly from the generation plant south of the runway to the plant hub and the Magnet-Schultz electricity grid in Memmingerberg. Another plus point: by using green electricity, MSM in Memmingerberg saves 2,300 tonnes of CO2 every year compared to conventional electricity generation using fossil fuels. This is equivalent to burning 800,000 litres of petrol and driving more than 300 times around the world. "On the way to climate neutrality, we prefer to buy regional green electricity, which is ideally generated right on our doorstep by strong partners such as the Alois Müller Group," says Schultz happily.

Energy transition on the doorstep

"We are delighted that Magnet-Schultz is committed to regional value creation and sustainability to this extent. The company is thus taking on an absolute pioneering role far beyond the region. This has an impact on other companies. Because it shows that you really can actively realise the energy transition in your own regional environment," says e-con CEO Julian Schempp. Schempp and his team know all about sustainable energy projects. For more than 15 years, e-con has been developing CO2-neutral energy concepts as well as sustainable and highly efficient heat supplies that conserve resources and optimise energy costs for customers from local authorities, industry and commerce.

With the photovoltaic park at the Allgäu Airport, e-con wants to supply not only the Memmingen Airport and Magnet-Schultz, but also other companies in the neighbourhood with green electricity. "It is all the more important that transregionally known employers such as Magnet-Schultz lead the way. This is the only way the energy transition can succeed," says Andreas Müller, Managing Director of the Alois Müller Group, which also includes the specialised service provider e-con AG.

About e-con: e-con has been committed to renewable energies for more than 15 years and sees itself as a partner for the energy transition. The central task is to minimise the energy requirements of buildings and systems as far as possible without restricting the user comfort. For customers from local authorities, industry and commerce, e-con develops CO2-neutral energy concepts as well as sustainable and highly efficient heat supplies that conserve resources and optimise energy costs. Extensive knowledge in the planning of technical building systems, from basic analysis and construction documentation to support, optimisation and testing of implementation, round off the profile.

About Magnet-Schultz: Magnet-Schultz (MSM) is specialist for electromagnetic actuators, sensors and valve technology. MSM develops customised high-tech solutions together with customers from the aerospace, automotive, electromechanics, hydraulics, medical technology, pneumatics, hydrogen and many other industries.

As an independent family business in its 4th generation, MSM stands for experience, know-how, sustainability and highest quality. With a high level of vertical manufacturing range and 2600 employees at locations in Europe, the USA and China, MSM is a reliable and global partner for innovation today and in the future. The key to success for over 100 years has been: "We make our customers successful!"