Magnet-Schultz was awarded with »Germany’s best jobs with a future« by FOCUS / FOCUS MONEY.

Magnet-Schultz GmbH & Co. KG belongs to the test winners of the DEUTSCHLAND TEST Studie (GERMANY TEST study), which has been carried out by the business magazine FOCUS and FOCUS MONEY in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Werner Sarges.

5000 companies were assessed nationwide, 184 companies in the sector of electrical industry. Magnet-Schultz is one of the twenty best-rated companies.

The company founded in 1912 and run by the owners is leader in electromagnetic actuator and sensor technology with 2600 employees and plants in Germany, Italy, the UK,  Switzerland, USA and China. The devices for applications in aerospace, automotive, capital goods industry as well as medical technology provide safety to the customers and the employees. With strong innovation, worldwide presence and outstanding investment in Germany, Magnet-Schultz will be a strong partner also in the future.

Criteria for the assessment were sales, profit and employees development that means also the prosperity of the company, which finally secures jobs.

All results can be found in FOCUS 27/17.