Proportional Solenoid Valves type V PR M


The proportional solenoid valve type V PR M has been developed for the efficient regulation of air and gas flows.

These proportional valves might be applied in many fields, in which currently ON/OFF valves are used.   

  • Regulation of pressure and air volume in painting facilities
  • Dosing of inert gas in welding devices
  • Regulation of the gas amount in analysers
  • Regulation of the gas amount in the after-treatment of exhaust gases in combustion engines
  • Mixing of gas and oxygen in medical engineering, e.g. in respirators
  • Fuel cells for building technology and automotive engineering


Sizes (Ø): 16 mm, 20 mm
Armature space pressure tight up to max. 16 bar static pressure 
Nominal width: 1 mm up to 4.4 mm, depending on nominal width, function and size 
Normal rated flow: 30 l/min up to 200 l/min, depending on nominal width, function, size and pressure range
Pressure range: 0 - 6 bar

  • Media: neutral media, oxygen
  • Electrical connection via free flexible lead ends
  • Protection class: IP00 – IP40, depending on electrical connection provided by the customer
  • Voltage type: direct current, DC