High-pressure cut-off valve Type E-G 032-1110 G PC


In mobile applications, hydrogen within the tank is stored up to 1050 bar pressure. Our high-pressure cut-off valve controls the pressure range as well as the medium hydrogen, with less need for space for the application on OTVs (on tank valves).




Size (diameter): 32 mm 
Function: 2/2 NC

Media: hydrogen H2, natural gas CNG, neutral gas

  • input pressure: up to 1050 bar
  • overload pressure: > 1500 bar
  • nominal width: 2,7 mm
  • "fail-safe“ in case of spring fracture
  • type of voltage: DC, PWM
  • protection class: IP6K9K
  • admission: EC79 (in preparation)
  • options:
    • various electrical plug connections
    • ATEX version for stationary applications
    • customer-specific mechanical interface

This device is a basic device for customer-specific developments and versions.

Sample taking and variants upon request.