AC Vibrators type W ZA W, Y ZA W, Y ZU W


Vibrators are components consisting of solenoid body and armature which are installed as electromagnetic drives in vibratory drives of the customer.

The armature is kept by means of a suitable spring-mass-system so that there is always a nominal air gap.

By applying the AC power supply, the system is put into vibration by the alternating voltage curve. If the vibrator is connected directly to an alternating current mains, the system vibrates at twice the mains frequency. When using a half-wave rectifier, the system vibrates at mains frequency.


Sizes: 040, 060, 080, 090, 120 
Peak force : 18 N – 1450 N 

  • For direct connection to the AC network or via half-wave rectifier
  • Encapsulated version
  • Electrical connection via free flexible lead ends
  • Fastening via tapped holes or connecting bracket
  • Protection class: IP00
  • Voltage type: alternating current, AC