Single Acting Solenoids Type F HM G + F MT X


The DC single acting solenoids F HM G + F MT X (previous designation G MC X) are designed to the modular system principle and offers high flexibility relating to the position of the connector. The magnetic body with coil and electrical connection is plugged onto the tube (bearing and housing for the movable armature) and can be rotated by unscrewing the fastening nut, if required. If the nut is screwed off, the magnetic body can be removed and plugged in again, rotated by 180°. In case of a failure, a replacement of the coil is possible without further mechanical intervention.

The modular design allows to equip the device also with a solenoid body type F MM E which has approvals to ATEX and IECEx for the operation in explosive areas. Please refer to the data sheet of the device F MM E + F MT X


Sizes (Ø): 37 mm, 45 mm, 63 mm
Stroke: 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm
Magnetic force: 11 N – 176 N

  • Increasing force vs. stroke characteristic
  • Pull and push type, depending on mounting
  • Electrical connection via plug connector according to DIN EN 175301-803
  • Fastening via central thread  
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Voltage type: direct current, DC
  • Options: other electrical connectors, explosion-proof types according ATEX/IECEx

If you intend to perform a locking function with the device, we also refer to our shotbolt lock units type G SC X ... B01