Single Acting Solenoids Type G FC


The DC single acting solenoid G FC is a simplified alternative to the devices G TA and G TC A with a low protection class and cost advantages. The design, a one-piece frame, reinforced in the area of the armature bearing with a soldered-on plate, is by no means inferior to the other types as far as robustness is concerned.  


Sizes (Ø): 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm
Stroke: 4 mm up to 12 mm
Magnetic force (N): 2.7 N – 125 N

  • Nearly horizontal force vs. stroke characteristic 
  • Pull and push types
  • Electrical connection via flat plug A 6.3x0.8 DIN 46244
  • Mounting via two resp. three threaded holes
  • Protection class: IP00
  • Voltage type: direct current, DC

The DC single acting solenoid type G FC is an open frame design. If in case of respective requirements, coil and electrical connection cannot be protected by a housing
provided by the customer, we recommend you to apply closed designs as types G TA, G TC A, G MC X.

CAD-3D-Daten Single Acting Solenoids G FC