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Building block for future renewable energy supply completed

f.l.t.r.: Johann Erbe (Head of Materials Management MSM), Jörg Haug (Head of Sales VWEW), Stefan Fritz (General Manager VWEW), Dr. Albert Schultz (General Manager MSM)

Magnet-Schultz has set itself the goal of achieving CO2 neutrality at the MM and MMB sites by 2035. A key area of action here is a CO2-neutral energy supply.

For this purpose, projects for electricity and natural gas have been initiated. A first milestone was reached a few days ago. Magnet-Schultz concluded a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with VWEW (Vereinigte Wertach Elektrizitätswerke from Kaufbeuren) to secure the purchase of CO2-neutral photovoltaic electricity for the site at the Allgäuer Straße.

Another project for the maximum possible purchase of PV electricity for the Memmingerberg site is about to be finalised. As both of the contractual partners' PV fields are located in the Allgäu region, MSM will be able to cover a significant part of its electricity supply in a CO2-neutral manner from CY 2025 under the concept of "value creation from the region for the region".

In addition to new products for hydrogen and battery-electric applications, MSM is also taking the climate change seriously on the supplier side. Nevertheless, truly sustainable climate protection can only work if it is also economically viable. Furthermore, in order to avoid even greater dependence on foreign countries for supply, weather-independent, base-load capable capacities in the country must also make their contribution in the future. Any ideology is poison for Germany as a business location! Climate change can only be effectively combated in the long term with technological openness and the auto-corrective dynamics of the market economy.

Source: Image and text Magnet-Schultz